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Fast Facts

U.S. News and World Report ranked Bangor High School as one of the top high schools in the county.


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The Maine Department of Labor reported the 2011 annual average Bangor LMA civilian labor force as 71,724, up from 71,215 in 2010. Since 2004 the Bangor LMA labor force has increased by 3,014. Bangor LMA employment in 2011 was 66,479, 1,005 more than in 2010 but 1,506 less than 2008’s record high.


The 2011 Bangor MSA unemployment rate of 7.3% was lower than the national (9.9%) and the State (7.5%) rates. The chart below shows the Bangor MSA unemployment rate compared to Maine and the United States over time. Although Bangor’s unemployment rate is consistently lower than the national rate, it is clear that Bangor’s unemployment trends with the nation and state.


Non-farm Wage and Salary Employment

Nonfarm Wage & Salary Employment is reported by Major Industry Division and provides data on the number and type of jobs in a variety of sectors. Major industries in Bangor include services, wholesale/retail trade, and government. Healthcare is also an important segment of Bangor’s economy. Providers include two major medical hospitals, Eastern Maine Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital, and two mental health facilities. Together, these institutions provide the city with a large number of medical specialists and, by extension, the area supports a number of related healthcare services.

There are 64,100 jobs in the Bangor LMA. The pie chart below shows, on a percentage basis, how those jobs are distributed among sectors. In sum, Bangor enjoys a healthy economic diversity in its labor market with employment in a broad range of sectors.


The 2011 Service-Providing Industry accounts for 58,800 jobs, or approximately 91.7% of employment in the Bangor Labor Market. Trade, Transportation, & Utilities is the largest service providing sector representing 14,600 jobs, 22.8% of employment. Of that 22.8%, Retail Trade comprises 15.6% (10,000 jobs). Education and Health Services account for 14,100 jobs, 22% of employment. Both Professional & Business Services with 5,900 jobs (9.2%) and Leisure and Hospitality with 5,700 jobs (8.9%) have a healthy presence in the Bangor Labor Market. The Financial Activities segment accounts for 2,100 jobs in Bangor’s labor market. Information and Other Services have 1,100 and 2,000 jobs, respectively.

Within the Goods Producing Industry, manufacturing accounts for 4.2% of total employment representing 2,700 jobs, construction accounts for 3.6% of total employment representing 2,300 jobs, and natural resources and mining accounts for 0.5% of total employment representing 300 jobs.