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Fast Facts

The Bangor Metro area has one of the best business tax climates in the U.S., according to KMPG's 2012 edition of Competitive Alternatives: Special Report - Taxes.


Surprisingly Metro. Refreshingly Real.

Retail Sales

The City of Bangor serves as a retail powerhouse for the region. Overall, taxable consumer retail sales in the Bangor area are over three times as much as the local population would be expected to support. According to Moody’s Investors Service, Bangor is expected to remain the primary regional economic center for northeastern Maine, noting Bangor’s “retail sales are substantial at an above-average 354% of the national average”. Moody’s also noted Bangor’s geographically large service area which attract customers from much of northern Maine and the southern Canadian provinces.

The composition of the 2011 Bangor ESA retail sales by store group as a percentage of consumer sales is shown in the following graph. General Merchandise and Auto Stores are the largest store groups accounting for 29.2% and 26.4%, respectively, of consumer sales. Restaurant and Lodging is the third largest group with 16.1%. Building Supply at 11.9%, Other Retail at 9.2% and Food Stores at 7.3% mean that our retail sales have a healthy diversity in product group.


Bangor Economic Statistical Area consumer sales were $1.4 billion in 2010, up 1.7% from $1.375 in 2009 but not back to pre-recession levels. 2011 consumer sales were up $33 million (2.43%) from 2010 continuing last year’s rebound.